Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We had Jacob's birthday party this past Saturday and it went really well. The party was really small with just a few family members and a couple neighbors but Jacob had a blast. We had all kinds of food and a Shrek cake and balloon which is Jacob's favorite things now. He got so great presents including a small pool for the 3 kids to play in.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Well, it's been awhile since I have posted on here so I thought I better get everyone updated. First Jeremy is doing much better since his surgery except his throat is still a little sore and raw so he is still having some trouble with it but other then that he is doing pretty good. He only has a week of school left and then he will be off for the summer then he starts 1st grade next year. He has been playing soccer and his 2nd game he scored 7 goals and the score was 8 to zero and then his second game he scored 5 goals with a tie game of 12 - 12. As for Mackenzie she is doing good she acts like a little teenager. I bet I am in for it when she does become a teenager. She will be starting preschool next year and I sure do hope that she likes it because she is a mommy's girl. She loves to help me in the kitchen and she is acts like a little mommy to he baby brother and most of the time he likes it. Then there's little Jacob or as we refer to him little man is growing up awful fast. He turns 2 on May 30 and I sure have no idea where the time has went. He is still only in 12 month clothing and very small for age and he has 3 doctor's appointments in Morgantown next month for check ups and to see what some other test results are and if he has OI (osteogenises improfecti). Over the past 3 weeks he has started talking so much more and doing so many things. All 3 of the kids love to be outside all the time now that the weather is really nice and they all 3 are having a little bit of a hard time cause there Daddy has started taking evening school bus driving classes after work so most of the time he doesn't get home until bedtime and so they only really get to see him on the weekends so it's been different around here but I try to keep them busy. We have planted a garden with tomatoes, green beans, bell pepper, sweet and hot banana peppers, carrots, radishes, strawberries, cucumbers and potatoes. All 3 helped plant the garden with me and they help water it every night. They also help feed and water are dog Fred and play with him now that he doesn't jump as much. They help me with yard work or at least pick up toys when I mow and trim. They are my big helpers and love to help me outside, only if they liked to clean there rooms I would have it made. We also got a new building to store things in so they are all the time playing in there and wanted to get stuff out of the house to store in there. They are so cute to watch having there own little conversations with each other about what should and shouldn't be stored in the building and about who is going to take it out there. I will update as soon as I can after Jacob's birthday party. Thank you all for the comments and for keeping up with how our kids are doing.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jeremy had his tonsils and adenoids taken out this past Tuesday. The surgery went good it's self but afterwords Jeremy had a really hard time. He was in recovery for 5 hours and then admitted to Pediatric ICU because his oxygen level wouldn't stay up. The surgery was about 55 minutes and they said he had really really big tonsils and adenoids for his age. Once in recovery we were able to go and be with him. His oxygen was suppose to be anywhere from 96 to 100% but is was running 94 to 96 with oxygen on and 84 to 88 with it off and after 5 hours of him having a hard time waking up and his oxygen level being this low they decided to keep him over night. Once we got to the ICU room he started to wake up a little more. After a few more hours he was able to eat and drink and use the bathroom. That same evening his oxygen started to stay around 96 with the oxygen on so they took it off and it stayed between 94 and 95 so they left it off all night and 2 times it went down to 92 but other then that it stayed up where it should be. They let us come home the next morning and by Wednesday evening he was running a fever and he had a really bad night with a lot of coughing and pain so today I am taking him to his regular doctor for a check up and to get some blood work done to make sure there is no infection. Please pray that everything will be OK so we don't have to go back to Morgantown again. He was eating well the first evening and the next day but he has stopped eating again and is still running a fever which worries me. He is on an antibiotic and pain medicine every 4 hours so hopefully it will start working better. In the two picture I put with the blog was taken with my cell phone right after he had drank some medicine to relax him which they call happy medicine. He was so funny after this medicine because he was laughing hysterically and trying to do a maze and couldn't draw a straight line at all.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jeremy had his first soccer scrimmage game last night and he scored the only 2 goals his team made. Today he had soccer practice and he scored 2 more goals. He is getting to be such a great soccer player. His first game will be Monday evening and then on Tuesday morning he will be getting his tonsils and adenoids taken out in Morgantown. Please keep him in your prayers. This is a little more scarier then normal because of him having Epilepsy. Also he will be out of school for 7 - 10 days and he will miss 3 soccer games so he is very upset about that and so his is coach because he said Jeremy is the best player they have. They will call us Monday evening with the time of his surgery and they said it will take 1 1/2 hours for the surgery and 1 1/2 hours in recovery and then 6 - 8 hours in post op to make sure he doesn't have a seizure, bleed or vomit. They said if he can keep something to drink down and he is not in a lot of pain, if he doesn't have any seizures, and is not bleeding to much he will come home Tuesday night but they said we should come prepared to stay just in case. I will be sure to update the Blog as soon as possible to let you all know how he did.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, Easter was here and the kids had a great weekend. On Friday we took the kids to see the men hanging on the crosses down by Davisson Run Road and then on Saturday I took the kids to hunt Easter Eggs at Kroger's where my mom works and Kenzie won a thumbelena barbie doll for finding the golden egg. Then when I was putting out the Easter stuff that night and I didn't hear a thing and when I turned around there stood Mackenzie and I jumped and said what are you doing out of bed and she said what are you doing mommy the Easter bunny already came and I told her I was making sure the stove was off so that the candy didn't melt. Then she wanted the stuff and I said not now we have to wait for the boys to get up in the morning and I we went to bed. I got woke up by Jeremy at 8:30 am and I said let go see if the Easter bunny came and he said oh he did and I already ate most of my candy. He was so sneaky that I just couldn't believe that I didn't hear him get up like normal. So we got up and took a lot of pictures and ate breakfast and then went to my aunts for lunch and that kids had an Easter egg hunt there. Then we came home after a long day of eating, playing, coloring eggs and hunting eggs and when we got home the kids wanted to hunt eggs again so I went out back and hid them all again and if it wouldn't have gotten dark there wanted to do it again. Two days after Easter they were hunting them in the house again. Jacob didn't want to find them so we would help him and he would just dump the eggs out of the basket and but the basket on his head like a hat. He was to funny. The other 2 kids had a great time.

Jeremy's 6th Birthday was this past Saturday. He had such a great time. There were 13 kids and 12 adults here. He was so excited because 3 of his friends from school came. They all jumped in the trampoline a lot, rode bike played on the swing set. Everyone had hot dogs, potato salad, deviled eggs, coleslaw, chips and dip, cake and ice cream. His theme was star wars. He got a lot of star wars presents, some clothes, 2 DVDs a slip and slide and a lot of other really cool gifts. Jeremy's great grandma made the chili for the hot dogs and Jeremy couldn't get over how good they were. He ate 3 that day and 3 the next day and said he wants more tonight. All the kids had a great time and I am so thankful it was so nice out this past Saturday for the party.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Well, Wednesday was Jeremy's 6th birthday and I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. He started his soccor practice also on Wednesday and he is so excited to play again this year. He is growing up so fast on us we just can't believe how big he is and how very smart he his. They said he IQ level is way above average and they will be testing him for gifted next year when he gets in first grade. We will be having his birthday party the weekend after Easter because with Easter and everything going on we decided to wait. I will post pics of his party once we have it.

Well, we spent most of the day in Morgantown yesterday for doctor appointments. Jacob we to the ENT and they said his tubes in his ears look good and they look like they will probably come out in 4 to 6 months we go back again in 6 months to have him checked. Jeremy also went to the ENT and he has to get his tonsils and adenoids out on Apr. 28 which worries me a lot cause they said this is a major surgery for him and a lot more intense because he has epilepsy. They said it will take 1 1/2 hours for surgery, 1 1/2 hours in recovery, 6 hours in post op & maybe stay all night depending if he has a seizure, bleeds a lot, or if he can keep things including his meds down. Jacob also went to the endocrinologist and she said he is doing OK he is on the 5% for height now and 4% for weight and we go back in 6 months to have it checked again. We are still waiting to hear from the kidney doctor about his blood work. The endocrinologist said she is still consulting with his genetics doctor and they did more blood work to check about the osteogenisis improfecti. They are pretty sure he has it but she said when we see the genetics doctor next month she will discuss it all with us. I will keep you all posted and PLEASE keep Jeremy in your prayers for his surgery.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jacob's Kidney Doctor appointment

Sorry I didn't post this sooner but I did take Jacob to Morgantown on Friday to get a kidney ultra sound and to see a kidney specialist. They said that his anemia is not caused from his kidneys or bladder which is very good except now back to square one on finding the problem. His Ultra sound showed his left kidney is swollen and the doctor said that it is probably from a back flow problem but there is nothing they will do about it at this time because most kids with this problem will out grow it as they get older and he also said that he is having traces of blood in his urine and a moderate amount one time showed up. They are not sure why he is losing blood though his kidneys but since it's not every single time they check his urine he said he is not worried about it. He did do some more blood work on him and said he would call me with the results this week. He also said unless he finds something major in this blood work which he doesn't seem to think he will then we don't have to go back to him unless something else shows up later. I was not at all impressed with this doctor and I will not take my child back to him. We still have no idea why he is losing blood in his urine. I understand it's only sometimes but he is 22 months old today and he has had 7 urine tests and 5 out of 7 had some blood in them. I also understand that all but one were just traces and he said it's not enough of a blood lose to make him anemic but I sure would like to know why he is losing this blood. So now we wait again to see his endocrinologist on April 9 to see where we go from here. Well, tell next time please keep him in your prayers and hopefully soon they will figure this out and we can get him all better.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Up Date on Jacob

Jacob went to the doctor today and his pneumonia is all gone thank goodness. He is still all stopped up and has a lot of drainage and is still pretty fussy but the good thing is he is getting better. Jeremy is doing well so far so good at school today. Mackenzie is finally over her ear infection so that just leaves me and Scott but we are starting to get better. Hopefully all the sickness will be over soon around here. Please remember Jacob in your prayers tomorrow he is suppose to go to Morgantown to a pediatric kidney specialist and have a kidney ultra sound done that is if I can get my car started because when I went out to take Jeremy to school it wouldn't start so he had to ride with the neighbor today. I am so blessed with great neighbors around here they would do anything for us. Well, that all the news for know and I will update the Blog tomorrow evening if we get to go to Morgantown.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today is a sick day at home still. I am still sick, Jeremy is still sick but thank goodness the other two are getting much better. I am taking Jacob back to the doctor tomorrow to make sure his pneumonia is going away. Friday I have to take him to get an ultrasound of his Kidney's and see s kidney specialist. I am sure most of you by now know that he has been sick quite a bit since he was born. Jacob is anemic and they can't find out why so they checked his liver and that was fine and now they are checking his kidneys. We have him on 2 types of iron medicine and it brings his iron up some but not all the way where it should be. So Please keep Jacob in your prayers tomorrow and Friday that we get good reports. I also take him back to his endocrinologist on April 9 for a check up and talk about the Osteogenisis Improfecti they think he has. It is a disease that makes you stay small and makes your bones break easy (my dad has this). Well, I will keep you all updated on all this stuff he is going though once we see the doctors.

Monday, March 23, 2009

update on the kids

Today is Monday, March 23 and everyone has been sick in are house. Last Monday Mackenzie started running a fever and had a runny nose and watering eyes so I took her to the doctor and they said she had a virus and sent us home. On Tuesday night she screamed all night with her ear and said she couldn't hear out of it so back to the doctor we went on Wednesday morning. She now has a bad ear infection. Also while I was at the doctor Jeremy's school called and they said Jeremy had a seizure and and looked bad and said he wasn't feeling go. So off I went to pick him up. Once I got him home he said his throat was hurting so I took him to the doctor Wednesday afternoon. He has strep throat. I told the doctor that every time he gets strep throat he has a seizure and so he went back and looked and he had been having seizures each time he got strep throat and he said he has had strep throat 4 times and tonsillitis 2 times since the beginning of the year and I said yeah shouldn't we do something about this. So now we have an appointment on April 9 for him to see and ENT to see about getting his tonsils out. He he was off from school Thursday and Friday. Then on Friday Jacob woke up from a nap with a 104.3 temp and not moving so I took him to the doctor and he has pneumonia and he is now on an antibiotic. Kenzie is getting better but still a little fussy. Jeremy finished his medicine and has had no fever last night or today so he went back to school today and all went well. Jacob still has a bad cough and a low grade fever on and off so we go Thursday to the doctor again for a recheck to make sure he is getting better. And of course you would know that Scott and I have gotten it so we both feel horrible. Well that is all for about the sick kids and we will be posting more soon.

Welcome to our BLOG!!

Hi Everyone, Welcome to our BLOG. Please be patient while we get this BLOG up and running. Once it's all sat up we will have pictures of our kids and posting about them so you all can get to know the kids more and see how much they are growing. Thanks for visting our BLOG and please come back to see new things.